Iki Maska (iki_maska) wrote,
Iki Maska

Light Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs are a con.

They are made from hazardous substances, do not last any longer than incandescent bulbs and shatter into millions of tiny shards that rain down over your kitchen. They also cost substantially more than ordinary bulbs ever did.

I wonder if anyone did a full life cycle analysis to prove that they actually give a net saving?

And while I'm at it, photo voltaic panels. Your purchase of panels is tax subsidised and the company buys your power at something like 10 times the rate you pay for power. This was OK when it was just a few trail blazers. Now with so many panels installed, the power companies now want to recover the cost by billing it back to consumers.

It's a bit like the UK campaign to save energy by unplugging your phone charger. A disgruntled physics professor took the wind out of the campaign by a) showing that you needed to connect hundreds of the things to get a detectable current and b) demonstrating that the power consumed was a vanishing fraction of one hot bath.

All so much penance and indulgences for our global warming sins.
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