Iki Maska (iki_maska) wrote,
Iki Maska

FOSS4G - Thursday

Raul Vera from Google on a subtle but profound shift in spatial paradigm, predicting that in mid 2011 the majority of location searches will be from mobile devices and this requires a different point of thought ("I'm lost!" is actually a very rare use case). GeoAPIs in HTML5 and how this is the only truly portable mobile API. The value of "push on green" (prod release every 30 minutes).

Andy Pitman from IPCC talking about global warming and speculating on how one my utilise the FOSS community knowledge to tame 1m lines of FORTRAN code. Scary in every respect.

Tim Schaub OpenLayers development history and intended directions. Till Adams on how OpenLayers has pretty well killed off all the other FOSS mapping APIs except for MapFish. Most developers are now contributing to OpenLayers (just as well it look pretty shiny).

Using MapTiler to generate Google Maps style tiles for OpenLayers, Google Maps and KML. Using Amazon EC2 and S3 & Gogle's MapReduce to parallise tile rendering into sane timelines. Being used to put heaps of historic maps online.

Paul Ramsey gave a "State of PostGIS" presentation. Nice to have warm fuzzy feelings for being an early beta user. ArcSDE is not a spatial DB, it's just middleware. MySQL spatial is not complete and not likely to be complete any time soon. Scalability is measured in CPU cycles per dollar. v1.4 & v1.5 introduces nifty stuff like prepared geometries, cascaded unions and geographies as a non-hackish globe. Some nice examples of how faked globe in 2D geometries leads to ugly, ugly, ugly edge conditions (as implemented by major proprietary vendors).

A somewhat ordinary presentation by Ingres. "Hey! Me too!!". Followed by a nice extended rant about fixing Oracle Spatial.

An afternoon workshop implementing application schemas in Geoserver WFS services. Brain go pop though I understand it now.
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