Iki Maska (iki_maska) wrote,
Iki Maska

Spring has Sprung

It's a public holiday and it's a quiet, pleasant spring day. There's a rosella singing in the tree outside and I've got some quiet moments to journal a bit.

This morning I went and cut up some old roofing at mum's so it'll fit into the trailer later so I can take it to the tip. Then I filleted and salted three good sized trout that my cousin and myself had caught the day before. I've got three more that'll end up in the smoker later tonight or tomorrow. Lunch was the trout I salted last weekend. Could have caught as many trout as I wanted, but it'll take me ages to chow through this lot plus there's another trip in a fortnight.

I also *finally* picked up my new swag that arrived from Mt Gambier via the bush telegraph. It's lined with saddle blanket and was amazingly warm compared to the first night of the weekend in my old swag. Not only is it more roomy, it also rolls away into a smaller bundle.

The garden was put in a couple of weeks ago and is starting to settle in, complete with redesigned irrigation system. If any of the seedlings haven't established, it's not many. The chooks have also started laying again and we've had eggs and pancakes made from real eggs.
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