Iki Maska (iki_maska) wrote,
Iki Maska

More on packaging and bags

We normally shop at the local markets. All our stuff goes in to a basket or bag as-is. We'll get one or two small plastic bags for any meat and gluggy stuff that would otherwise soil or bags. Fruit, veg and other stuff go loose into our bags, they usually come in their own packaging ("skin"). We'll buy cleaning products and the like from the local shops.

Anyway, B (who read my previous post) went to a regular supermarket (which we don't do very often) and was blown away by the abundance of plastic and packaging. Not only is everything wrapped and single served to within an inch of its life, it then gets bagged yet again:
- Individual peeled, sliced apple in plastic bags (please, it had it's own packaging until you peeled it!)
- Strawberries in plastic punnet ended up in an additional plastic shopping bag of their own
- Woman buying a piece of fruit for lunch puts it in a bag, then goes through the checkout and gets another bag, then pulls it out and eats it, putting two bags in the rubbish
- croissants in armoured plastic shells

Yikes! Plastic shopping bags are just a symptom and the tip of the iceberg. Shops should be rated on the packaging efficiency of their product lines.
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