Iki Maska (iki_maska) wrote,
Iki Maska

Another late night (with a P Harness reprise)

We were late for the show and missed the Fuellers, but were in plenty of time to see Mikelangelo's new band The Tin Star. That was OK, because Gregor ended up playing a few songs with Mik anyway, and the encore was a Prik Harness song(!). Tin Star is western/Hawaiian guitars and was very rockin. All very relaxing so I'm glad we made the effort to go. Ended up buying a Fuellers shirt too. Being at the Turner Bowlo, it was a bit like being in time warp, especially with the old song as the encore.

Got home to find a political type newletter in the mailbox. Took a while to figure out just who he was representing (asides from being one of our local members). Wouldn't have picked him as ALP and he certainly wasn't flying the flag either. Hedging bets much?

I've signed up for a Wednesday night welding course, not so much to do the welding course as to gain access to a fully equipped workshop. Very happy with my panel forming efforts thus far. Maybe some pics later.

All the mild wet weather has the garden storming along and it's now very pleasant to sit in while having tea.
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