Iki Maska (iki_maska) wrote,
Iki Maska

Friends and Family

It was a good weekend.

Friday was pizza with old work friends. It was really good to catch up with a bunch of people who work on stuff they care about. It was especially good to see S's kids wandering around raised on the expectation that it's perfectly normal to build your own pizza oven, brew your own beer, raise chooks, grow plants, keep bees, etc, etc, etc. There's nothing quite like home made pizza from a real wood fired oven, especially in such company and seeing such values being imparted to another generation (besides, where else does Eigen vector appear in ordinary conversation?). Seems I need to go help with a barn raising now.

Saturday I helped out at the farm. Just did a bit of lawn mowing until the hay fever really knocked me out much more than I thought. It was good to see A & B living how they want to and not at all giving a s**t about what anyone else thinks. Wonderfully generous, giving people and not at all taken in by pretensions, quite happy to just love living out in the bush.

Saturday night was Roller Derby. Again, heaps of people to bump in to. All doing stuff they love. Nothing like buying beer from the first aid stall.

Today was a family trip with a bit of shopping. I now have an industrial quantity of strawberries, mango, oranges and some sensible shopping from Ikea (linen, jam, mustard and Lingonberry cordial). My own family is also amazingly giving and generous.

Finally a spot of single malt on a rainy night to top things off.

P.S. Thanks to you all of you for being a part of scenes like these over the years. I treasure them all :)
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this sounds like yr signing out?
Not at all. Just comparing how other people make do. :)