Iki Maska (iki_maska) wrote,
Iki Maska

Summer holidays

Back at work but in summary a long, languid, lazy summer with a new little Human (Katja) enforcing a bit more time at home, but less time on the 'net
  - Did I mention the baby that's consuming every spare hour? Sheesh, it's incredible, but needed, worth every sleep deprived minute
 - complete boat welding project
 - awesome garden producing cool stuff like our own Polish pickles.
 - a spot of fishing at Blowering where the water was right up so we camped in the trees
 - defrosted all the freezers
 - tidy up the house
 - tidy up the back yard
- Home brew coder is an order of magnitude more amazing after a year of cellaring
 - Worked out that AFP is probably going to be a child friendly gig, a good friend of ours has been invited to participate in the guerilla gig too

Anyway, the cider's run out so it's time for a walk before bed. 2230 and it's still nearly 26C and the humidity is nudging 60%. Urgh.
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