Iki Maska (iki_maska) wrote,
Iki Maska

So that's where time goes

Haven't been blogging much anywhere. The baby thing is a full time occupation and what time I do have between baby and work does not leave too many brain cells. Even reading is suffering.

Home made pickles have been a triumph.

I've been enjoying the wetter than usual summer after such a long stretch and am now reminded each morning that winter is approaching. The plum tree is dropping its leaves and the tomato plants are slowing down.

K has been progressing faster than I would have believed. She's now "talking" (well, babbling enthusiastically) and holding her head up for prolonged periods (showing that she does indeed possess a neck, not just a crevice for accumulating lint).

We saw the tsunami unfolding live on TV, it was an amazingly moment of pure news, unfettered by lame journalistic tampering. It was hypnotic to watch unfolding across the landscape, devouring all in its path.
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